Kids love kayaking! Naturally more flexible than adults, most learn techniques and progress quickly.

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Some children may take a little while to build confidence to go out on the water, but with patience even the most anxious paddler can get afloat.
I always use lots of confidence boosting games, keep things fun and make sure everyone knows that they have achieved something to be proud of.
Overcoming physical and psychological barriers to paddling out on water is fantastic for building self esteem, not to mention improving coordination, core strength and general fitness.
Progression to 1 star and 2 star awards can be fairly quick and learning how to surf kayak or whitewater kayaking can be really exciting for more experienced paddlers.

I encourage parents to chat to me about any needs their children might have. My view is that nothing is impossible and together with parents I’m confident I can give every child a chance to experience kayaking safely.

Appointments to suit you, evenings, weekends, school holidays.